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We’re always so loaded with the bag and it’s time to use our makeup bag and… Oh, oh! We don’t have exactly what we wanted and we have to ask for it… What a rage!

So we’re going to make two kinds of make-up bags:

  1. In the first make-up bag we’ll put the most basic things so that we don’t have to ask for them and we can touch them up at any time.
  2. Another more complete one for those unexpected occasions that we almost always have. So that we can make up and look great.

The first type of make-up bag (small)

We’ll start with a very basic touch-up one where we’ll put :

  • Mini Powder Brush
  • Powders to touch up those glows that sometimes appear on mixed skins. And if you have dry skin, a BB Cream that will moisturize you as well as give you a touch of color.
  • Eye Liner or black eye pencil. Always gets you out of a jam.
  • Lipstick. Red/Pink depends on the shades we like the most, although I prefer Red, as it always fixes more at a given time.
  • Black mask

With these products we can work wonders and even get several uses out of it. For example:


The lipstick we can use as blush. Always blend it well… and touch it, why not?

With the pencil we can do it as a shadow… What else can you think of?

Finally, another example of a toilet bag I found:


The most complete makeup kit you can carry

It’s for when we go away on a trip, weekend or even when you don’t know what plans will come up… better to be prepared and have our make-up bag ready for any occasion. We’ll put:

  • Pre-Base depending on skin type… I like the Guerlain Meteorite, it gives a lot of light.
  • Make-up base. The one we will use or to leave it in that bag for a season to have a more fluid one. And if we want a makeup brush but I advise you that if you want a quick application, with your hands, you could do it and if not a triangle type “Beauty blender” sponge
  • Dark circles under the eyes. Essential. In a moment you will make your look much more rested and your whole look will be much better…you will see, try it!
    Tip: Always remember a lighter shade than your skin tone, so you’ll lighten up your look
  • Shadows: A palette of 4 colors. We can get a lot out of it, because if we only have one colour, it is very poor. 2 colours take up the same space as 4 and there are many more uses.
    Tip: The light colors always close to the teardrop, so you will make an effect of opening the look and then always blur the colors well, because the color cuts are very ugly.
  • Brushes: One to apply and one to blur. I usually take lighter colors and 2 darker ones… To make a nice mix.
    If you want to make your eyes look bigger, use the eye pencil in a white color or nude in the water line… you will see what change.
  • Eyebrow pencil. Drawing eyebrows, I recommend it. Try it! I didn’t used to do it before, but in my last year of professional make-up, I had one eyebrow done and the other not and… What a change!
  • Black mascara. Makes the look deeper and finishes the look
  • Eye Liner or pencil. It depends on the use… I like the eye liner in electric blue, since it’s not that serious. But it depends on the color of your eyes or the clothes you wear. Black is also very elegant.
  • Blush: Makes you mark your cheekbones
  • Lipstick: It depends if it’s daytime or if you want to mark them a lot a red or now a little darker color, it looks very nice.
  • Lipstick: It is to define or redraw your lips
  • Optional: Contouring. Mark your cheekbones and play with darker areas to hide imperfections
  • Translucent powders: Fix the makeup and don’t get those shiny…
  • Powder brush

And I think with this big bag you could be covered for anything that comes up.


If you think something else needs to be added, leave a comment.


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